Sounds of love

One of the things I love about taking Maxim for walks in the park every day is how I get new experiences. I never actually went for a walk in the morning until I had to with Maxim.

What is so different in the morning? Well, everything actually. Streets and buildings look different, people are different, smells and sounds are different.

Especially sounds. Especially if that’s one of those quiet Sunday mornings, like today.

What can I hear at 8:00am on Sunday that I can’t hear at any other day or any other time? You’ll never guess. I can hear people having sex. Lots of them. Everywhere!

Bedroom windows are often open in the mornings, before the air gets too hot. There are no traffic noises. And people are not in a hurry to their jobs. All of these make sex very hearable.

It’s only about 10 minutes walk from our apartment to the park, but today I’ve heard at least five different couples having sex. And today is just a regular Sunday like any other…

2 thoughts on “Sounds of love”

  1. Heh, it’s not only morning sounds! Where evere I live here ( I changed 4 flats during my staing in Cyprus) at about midnight I had possibility to listen to women moaning from a house across the street.
    So would you call this place as an island of love?

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