Getting physical

I’ve decided to give some attention to my body. It’s not the (ugly) looks of it that I am concerned about, but my health in general. I’ve been overweight obese for way too long.

I am going to lose some weight via both a diet and a gym. I still have to decide on details of the diet. With gym, I started today. The result of the first session is like they say: It’s not as bad as it looks. It’s much worse.

Starting off with 122 kilograms I have my goal at under 100 kilograms at first, and around 80 kilograms at second. I have no idea how much time it will take me to do this, but I am not planning to spend my life on achieving this. It took me about 4 years to get into this and another 5-6 years passed while I realized that this is not good. So, I should probably return to my good ol’ shape in less than 10 years. J/K. It’ll surely be much faster.

2 thoughts on “Getting physical”

  1. I am happy you began being interested in your health.
    Try not to lose more than 4 kg per month. And drink a lot of water, please.

  2. Ma,

    I am loosing 4 kg per week. That’s not bad. It happens so fast because I’ve just started. The first few kilos ar the easiest to lose. It will take much more time to get rid of kilos further down the road.

    And water is bad. Very bad at this moment, as I explained in another comment.

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