Random bits

We still miss missing the auto-moto show. It is time to make our own. Hazard and I grabbed a camera and went out to make few pictures of our cars. Actually we planned to visit the car wash before that, but all of them are closed at 6:00pm. Nothing can stop us, though. Hopefully Hazard will upload the pictures in the next couple of days and I will rip them off, resize and minimize and put them here for your watching pleasure too. Stay tuned…

In other news, Olga read an article in the Linux Journal about new Gnome and now she terribly wants an update. It seems as a nice opportunity for Red Hat Linux 9 installation. Give me a day or two to grab the CDs from the office and I’ll tell you all about it.

Show? Which show?

There was a gossip that some auto-moto show is going on somewhere in Cyprus. So, my wife, brother, hazard and myself got in the car and went to Nicosia to check things out. No auto-moto show. There was some furniture exhibition instead. We saw some sofas, kitchens, and baby rooms. I’ve noticed that a lot more nice ladies visit furniture show offs than computer shows. Strange though…

Beer and buffalo wings afterwords to compensate the trip. I’ve got the Chesters Frequent Guest Card and a polo shirt. Surprise-surprise.

P800 encounter

Sony Ericsson P800Friend of mine passed by with his new phone. Now, that’s so close to something I was looking for for a long time… I’ll get it with the next salary (or so I hope) – Sony Ericsson P800. Things which attract my attention are: advanced organizer with tasks and notes (finally!), digital camera, mp3 player, Opera browser, Java support, wireless handset with voice dialing (wow!), and stereo headphones for music and games. Now, that’s about as much as a man can ask for. The cost is acceptable too… one of the mentions I’ve seen was roughly 250 British pounds.