I’ve spent some time educating myself about tea. Lipton, while having a pretty ugly website, published some interesting information about tea. Apparently, the wooden box with all sorts of tea bags in it (like they show to you in the restaraunt) is called a “tea chest”. Prices go from $30 USD, through $80 USD, and up to $395 USD. Accidentally, I’ve discovered, that there is a Tea Chest Stencil font family even. Not all boxes with tea are for tea bags though – some are designed for a proper tea. Some are made from Bamboo.

…and I haven’t yet even started to talk about tea itself. I think I’ll pass this time.

Porting PHP to Perl

I am doing lots of perl programming these days. And there is yet lots more to come. I am currently porting most of my PHP code base to Perl. This provides a good practice, as well as code review and clean-up. Although, I know that porting is somewhat easier then developing from scratch (at least in my case), Perl still looks and feels much easier and, well, natural, then PHP. Maybe it’s because I am spending too much time at Perl Monks.