Arrivals day. First, early in the morning, first book (out of 2 ordered) arrived from Surprisingly, it took it almost 2 month to come.

Then, after lunch, our 4U Terabyte Gorilla Storage arrived. IDE versino with total capacity of roughly 2.7 TB claimed (16 drives x 160 GB each). It has 2 3Com Escalade 7500 IDE RAID controllers. Each one handles a RAID 5 configuration of 8 disks. Out of curiosity, I’ve changed the configuration to 7 disks + 1 spare on each controller. Looks nice till now. There are two pairs of keys – one pair for the front cover, another – for hard disks. Lock ’em up, hehe. Drives are hot-swappable. Nice. Dual redundant power supply, but from the single source. Not too bright. Lots of fans inside. Good. 4, afair, PCI slots still available, but 2 of them are not accessible due to IDE cables sticking out from controllers. Still, not bad. Internal design looks good.

I’ve started with Red Hat Linux 8.0 installation later, but didn’t wait until it’ll finish. Linux sees raids as two separate SCSI disks (sda,sdb). Funny thing with the default 5% of disk space allocation for root comes to something about 13 GBytes on a 1.1 TB partition. Mp3 time.


Compilation-installation-testing day. Compressed quoting in tin finally pissed me of, and I’ve built mutt RPM with NNTP support (vvv.nntp patch). Using mutt-1.5.3 was also a good excuse for the CPU cycles. Once I start, I am unstoppable, so mozilla’s new 1.3 beta release didn’t have to wait too long. Font aliasing is a new concept for myself.. err, for my eyes. I’ll keep it for a couple of days, and if it won’t start unblurring, I’ll build it without xft staff.

Looks like I also have a night of php programming of LDAP web interfaces in front of me. Heh, well, ok.