Random bits

Morning started with debugging – the storage we’ve got yesterday didn’t want to boot at all, although Red Hat Linux 8 installation finished OK. BIOS check revealled that boot devices were specified only to be a network adapter, floppy, and a CDROM. OK. Fixed, but didn’t solve the problem. Rescue mode showed that installation did indeed went OK. Everything is there. Boot floppy successfully brings the system up. Some more playing with the BIOS, and ole! Second RAID controller was specified as a first, and first – as second. Problem fixed.

Finishing LDAP interfaces I wrote in PHP. Somewhere I have a stupid problem with crypt() using DES.

Lots of talking with our developers: ctags enlightenment, “always full” UNIX memory approach, iabb and Ctrl+P/Ctrl+N complition in vim, email aliases and scripts for mail processing, etc.

Some talking with our admins aswell: open-source vs. closed-source, de facto vs de juro standards, Exchange and Outlook in Linux world, system development life cycle, and the like.

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