Back from Egypt

Back from Egypt. It was a fast and interesting trip. Ship was excellent, as were the pyramids and Alexandria’s lighthouse. After the trip I was wondering alot for additional information about world wonders, and I have found some here. The country itself is one huge contrast. They also appear to have problem with beer, but smoking the water-pipe is usual thing.

Random bits

While studing the subject of migration from Microsoft to Linux, I came accross nice description of how to set up authentification of Linux box in NT domain.

I also changed all links on this page in such a way that printed version is readable and actually usefull :)

I have installed bash programmable completion. While it is a littl bit noisy about me not having bash of exactly the version it needs, I still get a lot of satisfaction. My TAB hit/miss ratio has grown incredeably, since I was pushing TAB key for most of the times I use it now anyway (huh? :) ).

Officially, from today I am using Mozilla instead of Opera. Opera is fine browser and it suits all my needs, but it is not an open source software, which I wish it very much to be. Idiology…