Tooth #6

Tooth #6 is a surprise again. We were waiting for the one on the bottom (so that Maxim would have to up and 4 down, as so many other kids). But this kid is special and even his teeth prove so. His upper gum gave birth to another tooth and the score is now:

Upper gum vs. Lower gum – 3:3.

This game is so much fun to watch!

4th tooth is out

While the thrill is gone, both Olga and I are still waiting for each Maxim’s tooth. The fourth one tricked us though. We thought it would be the second tooth on the top, but it turned out to be the third one on the bottom (on Maxim’s left).

Now that I think of it, there are plenty of betting opportunities here. Not only the dates can be bet upon (for the closest match), but the next teeth position as well. Tooth casino!

Another tooth is out. It gets creepy.

Maxim’s third tooth came out yesterday. This time it’s from the top gum. The thrill is somewhat gone – we’ve been waiting for it for far too long, and there are still 29 or so to follow. And than we’ll go over the cycle again in a few years.

There is a difference from the previous two teeth though. And Maxim figured it out pretty fast – he can make sounds with his teeth only. He puts his teeth against each other and moves his jaw back and forth. The weirdest sound ever. Especially in the morning. It sounds like something in between a heavily blocked nose and a really old door. It took me a while to find the source…

Still coming…

Maxim’s temperature is still high, although we can control it a bit. We try to not let it go above +39C. His gum is even more swollen. His moods are still swinging.

We called Dr.Simos and told him the story. He suggested to bring Maxim for a check tomorrow if the temperature will remain high.

We’ll see.

In the meantime, a bath with cooler wather than usual helped in chilling him down a bit.

The third one is coming

Maxim isn’t feeling very well today. His temperature is way above the norm at +39.5C. He doesn’t have any other symptoms – no flu, no running nose, no coughing, no sneazing, his stool is normal. Only the temperature.

After a closer investigation we also saw that his upper gum is bloated. That can mean only one thing – the third tooth is coming!

Maxim’s mood is swinging, he sleeps a lot and looks dull and tired most of the time. He eats properly though and drinks a lot – a good sign.

We’ll be watching him closer for the nex couple of days…