The third one is coming

Maxim isn’t feeling very well today. His temperature is way above the norm at +39.5C. He doesn’t have any other symptoms – no flu, no running nose, no coughing, no sneazing, his stool is normal. Only the temperature.

After a closer investigation we also saw that his upper gum is bloated. That can mean only one thing – the third tooth is coming!

Maxim’s mood is swinging, he sleeps a lot and looks dull and tired most of the time. He eats properly though and drinks a lot – a good sign.

We’ll be watching him closer for the nex couple of days…

The second one

Well, I guess they will be coming out a bit slower than I though… Maxim’s second tooth appeared today. It also came out of the bottom gum.

I hope that this tooth was the reason for his crazy behaviour during the last couple of days. As far as I remember, we went through something similar about a month ago. I wonder if all of his 32 teeth will be causing him to misbehave. We’ll see…

The first tooth

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the winner! The first and the only! The Tooth!

I think we were waiting for it to come out for the last three or four month. And now here it is. We thought that it was out yesterday, but after a thorough investigation agreed that it is out today.

It’s small. It’s barely noticable. Especially with Maxim closing his mouth, or licking everything with his tounge all the time. But if you’ll stick a finger in his mouth, starting from today you can feel how scratchy it is. Yey!

I just hope that the rest of them come out faster.