Big cities suck

I live in a small city of a small country.  And I love it here.  One of the big benefits that a lot of people get really used to is that everything is 10 minutes away.  It would take you only about 20 minutes to get from one side of the city to another.  Most of the people I know who live in big cities have to drive back and forth for hours every day.  Those of them lucky enough to live next to the place they work usually pay a lot of money to have it that way.

Why am I suddenly thinking of how bad big cities are? Because I just watched this YouTube video.

I understand that the guy chose the place himself and since he is young and alone it probably makes sense.  And I do understand that the video is more about living in tight spaces.  But I still keep thinking of how big cities screw people’s minds.  Not only it’s OK for someone in the modern age and developed country to live in a 78 square foot room (7 square meters), but also to pay $800 USD per month for it!  That’s just wrong.  Even if a lot of people are doing it and even if one gets used to it quickly, it still doesn’t make it right.