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Unstable company of Skype

While reading this article at GigaOm about the latest adventures of Skype, I came across this quote by Yee Lee, a former employee of Skype:

You can agree or disagree with the practice of re-organization, but I personally had never been part of a restructuring that ran so deep in a company.  During the year I was at Skype, the company:

  • lost a CEO
  • hired and fired a CTO
  • hired and fired a CFO
  • gained a CEO, CMO, CIO, and CDO
  • created an entirely new product development org structure
  • eliminated every Project Manager role
  • fired, re-interviewed,  and re-hired Product Managers
  • created a two new business units
  • combined two business units into one
  • dissolved one business unit
  • opened a new office and hired several hundred people
  • the list goes on…

I mean, these are crazy changes for any company to go through over the course of years.  To have that all happen within a short number of months was staggering.

Staggering indeed.

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