I still love you

You, my dear readers, might think that I don’t like you anymore. (I don’t publish as often as I used to. My post got shorter. And I tend to talk about obvious things too.)

That’s OK. I understand.

The truth of the matter is that I am extremely busy recently. And my blogging mood has changed significantly. I don’t post one entry a day anymore. But I still think of at least one every day. They accumulate in my brain and I post them later in bunches. I was doing this always to a certain degree.

It got a bit more difficult recently though. You see, I tend to rethink things that are in the pipeline. And with all my busyness lately I have a huge stream of incoming data that changes many aspects of my thinking. So instead of just writing up the post, I rethink it and put it further down the queue tagged “needs more work”. Many posts stay there until they expire.

Expiration feels very bad (like a lot of lost effort), but it is probably a good thing after all (less junk unleashed onto the world).

Anyway, I hope that this is temporary as so many things in the world.

P.S.: If you are too annoyed by this, here is a hint: there are so many good blogs out there…

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I met my yachting coach today.

I don’t remember if I blogged about it, so I’ll mention it here. I used to do a lot of sailing back when I was a kid. I never got up to a professional level, but never-the-less I got good enough to participate in a few competitions here and there.

I almost forgot (until today that is) that yachting was a big part of my life a few years ago. There were summers when I spent entire days in the club.

It was fun. It was a perfect mix of physical training, water sports, and social life. And, of course, the good part of it all being fun was due to my coach.

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Skype with SkypeOut

Continuing my Skype saga…

I’ve finally fixed the headset at the office. Again, it turned out I had two sound cards – it’s just one of them was disabled completely. Instead of trying to please the SoundBlaster Live! I turned that other one on, and it worked like a charm. Damn Creative. Every time I try to use – I have a problem.

So, anyway, with all the headphones and microphones working, I decided to go further along and buy some SkypeOut minutes. SkypeOut minutes allow one to call from Skype (read: computer) to any regular or mobile phone. Anywhere. Dirt cheap.

I used my PayPal account to buy a 10.00 EUR credit. It worked like a charm. I made a couple of test calls around. The quality is OK. The additional benefit is the anonimity. The calls are not signed with any number, so if you want to call anyone anonymously – here is your option.

That’s it for now. Soon, I’ll tell you about things that I think suck in Skype.

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Happy Birthday, Maxim!

Measuring Maxim

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today is Maxim’s birthday, and he is one year old.

It was the most remarkable year of my life. Everything has changed so much. Yet, time is the thing that surprise me the most. This year was by far the longest year of my life. Probably, because it was so packed with emotions, worries, thinking, studying and observing. The longest. By far. But looking back at it, I have this feeling that it passed so fast. Where did all that time go? Confused…

One thing I am certain about though. It was the best year of my life so far. Hopefully it will continue to be this way…

Happy birthday, son! (maybe one day you’ll even read this)

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RegExp reminder

I was just reminded about this small thing, which is so easy to forget – regular expressions that have markers of line start (^) and/or line end($) are so much faster than those regexps that don’t have these markers. The thing is that with line start/end marker regexp engine needs to make only one match/substution, whereas when there is no such markers, it has to repeat the match/substitution operation at every character of the string.

In practice, it’s unbelievable how much difference this can make. Especially when using complex regular expressions over large data sets.

P.S.: I understand that it is not always possible to use these markers, but I think that they can be used much more often than they are. Everywhere.