New color scheme for Vim

I’ve been using dante color scheme for Vim for as long as I can remember. It’s a nice one and suits me perfectly. Sometime though I feel that need for a change and than I have to go through a rather painful process of getting something new. This time I decided to change my Vim color scheme. This process is particularly painful because:

  • there are a lot of color schemes available for Vim
  • screenshots are rarely available
  • most color schemes are designed for graphical mode (gvim), while I use console only

Anyway, I went through a number of color schemes today and decided that I like Impact. Not only it is designed for console, but it also defaults for black background, which is exactly what I use.

I tried it with both Perl files and email messages and I am satisfied with my choice. Now for some useful stuff…

Update: I came across a great page that is generated by a perl script once in a while. The goal of the page is to provide an easy way of finding a colorscheme appropriate for your tastes without the hassle of installing numerour colorschemes on your computer.