Migrating development server

Today I did a test move of our development linux server to another machine. It took me less then two hours to do so, considering about 7 GBytes of data, and difference in hardware (Compaq machine and IBM machine). I have used tar, netcat and Red Hat Linux 7.2 disk. Everything seems to work find, except for Microsoft DNS server loosing track of the machine and generating some random junk. Tomorrow I will move few more servers.

Building and compiling

Nothing much today:

  • crossover plugin finally started to work (problem was with the NIC, not with the plugin itself).
  • MySQL rpms for version 3.23.49 built good, but no changes noticed in handling foreign keys/references. Maybe it’s just me.
  • 2.4.18 kernel rpms were built good too. Probably I will upgrade my machine tomorrow. Reasons for upgrade: new scheduler and fixes in USB.

Back from Egypt

Back from Egypt. It was a fast and interesting trip. Ship was excellent, as were the pyramids and Alexandria’s lighthouse. After the trip I was wondering alot for additional information about world wonders, and I have found some interesting websites. The country itself is one huge contrast. They also appear to have problem with beer, but smoking the water-pipe is usual thing.

Random bits

While studing the subject of migration from Microsoft to Linux, I came accross nice description of how to set up authentification of Linux box in NT domain.

I also changed all links on this page in such a way that printed version is readable and actually usefull :)

I have installed bash programmable completion. While it is a littl bit noisy about me not having bash of exactly the version it needs, I still get a lot of satisfaction. My TAB hit/miss ratio has grown incredeably, since I was pushing TAB key for most of the times I use it now anyway (huh? :) ).

Officially, from today I am using Mozilla instead of Opera. Opera is fine browser and it suits all my needs, but it is not an open source software, which I wish it very much to be. Idiology…