Your Site on Google

Here’s something I’ve never seen before.  When searching for something on Google, I got a new widget “Your Site on Google” right above the search results.  Erm … what?

It took me a second to figure it out.  Google, of course, knows who I am, since I am logged into my Google Chrome and into all of my Google Apps.  It also knows that I manage the “” website, via Google Search Console.  So when I search for something on Google and first page of results includes a page from my own blog, it must be thinking that I’m there to monitor, test and improve my SEO.  It then provides me with some metrics and handy links to do so.  It also mentions that these are only visible to me, not the rest of the people searching.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but it is weird for a second for sure.


Puzzle Montage Art by Tim Klein

Here’s something really awesome – Puzzle Montage Art by Tim Klein.

Jigsaw puzzle manufacturers often use the same die-cut pattern for many different puzzles. This makes the pieces interchangeable. As a result, I sometimes find that I can combine portions from two or more puzzles from the same publisher, to make a surreal picture that the publisher never imagined. I take great pleasure in “discovering” such bizarre images lying latent, sometimes for decades, within the cardboard boxes of ordinary mass-produced puzzles.


City Sightseeing in Limassol, Cyprus

Cyprus Mail reports:

The international chain, City Sightseeing, has begun operating in Limassol and plans to expand to other towns on the island.

The red double-decker open-top tour buses officially made their apperance in the coastal town on Saturday, CNA reported.

Four buses are set to operate in the city and Limassol region.


Hop-On Hop-Off Limassol, will  be operational season: all year round. First tours begin at 9am and the last of the day at 3pm. They start from 25 euros.

More information:

These are very good news, especially with the expected tourism increase due to the Limassol Casino project (stop number 5):

percollate – a command-line tool to turn web pages into beautifully formatted PDFs

percollate is a command-line tool to convert web pages into PDF files.  It supports single-page and multi-page files, can fetch the HTML documents from the web, understands accelerated mobile pages (see AMP), and even allows some control of the output with CSS snippets.

Glider.js – fast, light-weight, dependency free, responsive, native scrolling list with paging controls

For anyone who needs an image gallery or any scrolling list for that matter, Glider.js looks like a good option.  It’s super simple to use, light, responsive, and dependency free.  Have a look at some demos here.