It’s that time of the year again

This year I am a bit late for my barber’s appointment, which is usually scheduled for May or June, but I figured it’s better late than never. So I went and got my tailed chopped off again. Since I’ve already showed you how that looks last year, I won’t bother you with details again.

By the way, I wa surprised to pay only 10 CYP. Usually it costs more than 15 CYP. Go figure.


Haircut: before/afterI’ve been a real lazy bastard for the last few years. Last time I’ve seen a barber was just before my wedding almost two years ago. Today I decided that it’s getting too heavy and hot wearing all these hair around, so I went to see the guy with scissors.

It feels much better now and I’ve got again something to grow. :) Check out the picture the left for the before/after view.

Just in case you’re wondering, haircutting got a bit more expensive during these two years. It was 16 CYP. Now it’s 20. But when you do it once in few years – who cares, right? :)