The Hunt for Eagle One

Picking random movies of the DVD rentals shelves has its consequences.  One of those consequences is an ever increasing chance of picking up a really terrible movie.  And that’s precisely what happened to me the other day.  I was in the mood for a war movie, something with US Marines, helicopters, one of those extremely poor Asian countries hidden under the cover of jungles… The DVD cover of “The Hunt for Eagle One” looked promising, even though I was a little bit suspicious about the title.

It turned out to be a really bad movie.  The surprising fact about it was that I actually recognized a few actors in it.  But it was still really really bad.  The sound was bad.  The acting was terrible.  Special effects sucked real bad.  And the dialogs were  disgusting.   Sometimes, bad things can be so bad that they actually end up good.  But this movie is not one of those cases.  It’s just terrible bad.

And even having the principle of watching every movie from start to end uninterrupted didn’t help me this time.  After about watching it for two minutes I started fast-forwarding.  After watching a few random scenes for roughly another minute, I gave up and switched it off.

Rating: 1 out of 10.  Avoid at all costs.