Rally 2008 : Cyprus Rally in, WRC out

Homeboy Media News lets us know that the Cyprus Rally is back this year ( official web site confirms the news). The even will take place between Friday, May 16th and Sunday, May 18th.

Takis Kyriakides, Cyprus Rally Head of the Course, said “the new route will incorporate old tracks, which have been kept in fine condition through re-grading operations and regular maintenance, and the new ones designed and constructed this year”.

However, the event will not be a part of the World Rally Championship (WRC) as it used to be during the last few years. There was a chance that Cyprus would come back to WRC schedule this year, but it just didn’t happen. Next year maybe.

Troodos Rally 2004: Section 6

As I have already mentioned, Cyprus Automobile Association (CAA) has sent me the itinerary for Troodos Rally 2004. Tomorrow, the last day of the event, has two sections – Section 5 and Section 6. Races of Section 5 are way too early in the morning, so I guess we’ll skip them all. Section 6 though is a bit later and it does progressively gets closer to Limassol. I am thinking of watching one race, either from Delikipos at 10:00am or from Monagrouli at 11:15.

In case you are interested in the event, I have pinned down few points of tomorrow’s Section 6 on this map of Cyprus (2.6 MBytes JPEG with 3232×1993 pixels).