Neurologist say on the MRI scan

We took Maxim to the neurologist (Dr.Rumyana). She checked the results of the MRI scan and confirmed that everything looks OK and there are no pressure points on Maxim’s facial nerve or anywhere near. Good news.

Chances are, she said, that we won’t need any operations. All we have to do is massage his face about three times a day and ask Dr.Simos for some vitamins.

She also noticed that there were some improvements since our last visit to her about three month ago. She said that now Maxim’s eyes are the same – before you could see that one of his eyes was opened wider than the other. Not anymore though. And she also said that his face is getting better.

Olga can’t see the difference. I can, but only when I compare his current pictures to his older pictures. Hopefully, soon the only thing where it will be obvious will be the pictures.

Maxim’s reflexes were checked and we answered a whole lot of questions about his development and growth and Dr.Rumyana confirmed that he is doing very well in all other departments.

Next time we’ll see her some time in May to see if Maxim’s speech will be affected in any way. I hope not.

Neurologist check-up

The time came to have Maxim checked with the neurologist. The issue is with his facial nerve partially paralized on the right side of his face. It does not affect him in any other way than making his smile a bit more charming, but it is an anomaly that should be doctor supervised.

Dr.Simos arranged an appointment for us with the collegue of his. Maxim was checked all from top to bottom – his eyes’ movement, his hands’ grip, rubber hammer was used upon his knees, heels, and elbows, he was touched, patted, sitted, turned around and smiled at.

It seems that all of his reactions are normal. There are no other traces of neurological disbalance. There will be more tests to see if the cause of the paralysis – misplaced pressure somewhere – has gone or not. If it’s not – that we will have to take care of it. Otherwise, some vitamines and massage will correct the situation.

Although we’ll be having more medical examinations unleash on Maxim, I for one feel a bit less worried. It doesn’t look like a major problem and there are good chances of curing it too.