Trying out Burger King

Olga and I were trying to reach Pizza Hut’s delivery line yesterday, but it was constantly busy so we had to make another choice for dinner. We went through a pile of menus, flyers, and coupons in our “order some food” box and stumbled upon a few coupons from Burger King. Burger King has been represented in Cyprus for some time now, but neither Olga nor I tried it for some reason. So we decided to order it.

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Char or trout

Consider the joke told by Richard Stallman that I read in this article:

Once I was eating in Legal Sea Food and ordered arctic char. When it arrived, I looked for a signature, saw none, and complained to my friends, “This is an unsigned char. I wanted a signed char!” I would have complained to the waiter if I had thought he’d get the joke.

Until today, the word “char” had only one meaning to me. It was a computer term, which is used as a declaration of a character or string variable in some programming languages. Such as C, for example.

It turns out, that there is another meaning. Here is a quote from the dictionary for you:

also charr (n. pl. char or chars also charr or charrs)

Any of several fishes of the genus Salvelinus, especially the arctic char, related to the trout and salmon.

Wikipedia entries for those of you who want to learn more on this fishy subject: Salvelinus, Arctic char.