Google vs. Oracle : API vs. implementation

Slashdot is running the story about the Google vs. Oracle court case.  I thought this bit was rather brilliant:

Schwartz’s second attempt at the breakfast menu analogy went much better, as he explained that although two different restaurants could have hamburgers on the menu, the actual hamburgers themselves were different — the terms on the menu were an API, and the hamburgers were implementations.”

Transcript of the talk between Julian Assange and Eric Schmidt

Transcript of the talk between Julian Assange and Eric Schmidt

I am reading through this thing now, but the talk went for five hours, so there is quite a bit to dig through.  I am about a half down, and I have to say that this is great stuff.  There is plenty of thought-provoking discussion, ideas, examples, etc.  I am marking it down for quotes, so expect another post in a day or two.  I suggest you read the whole thing too though.

Jobs vs. Schmidt = product vs. service

Gizmodo is running a very speculative – and yes, there are speculations, – post about a meeting between Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt.  It took place in a public place, and someone noticed it and made a couple of pictures and now everyone and their brother is running around trying to figure out what these two were talking about.  Things went as far as even consulting a body language expert.

Firstly, my reaction to this is: “C’mon!  Leave them alone already!“.  Who cares?  But it seems too many people do.  So there kicks in my second reaction – since we don’t really know what it was all about, let’s speculate and blow this out of all proportions.  After looking at the pictures, reading through the comments, and through the body language expert’s analysis, here is my view of what is captured on those pictures.

This is, quite obviously, a historical moment, where two schools of thought are standing against each other.  Steve Jobs represents the old school which stands for closed things and for products, as in things that you can touch, feel, and break.  Eric Schmidt represents the new school of thought, which is characterised by openness and the idea of a service.  Two great men with two great companies behind them meet at the neutral point.  And while Eric seems to be more uncomfortable, as body language expert suggests, the important bit here is that they are at the same table on the same terms.  The clash of the titans, so to speak.  The outcome is obvious for some of us though.  Go, Eric, go!

P.S.: Before you start throwing lava balls at me, I do mean this as a joke, and yes, I am drunk.  It’s Friday night after all.

P.P.S.: There is some truth to every joke.