Enjoying the “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”

Although I try to limit my television to as little as I can, I have to say that I enjoy the “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” series. Not that I a big fan of detective genre or occasional lesson in human anatomy, but somehow it all comes together. It’s a slow going story with episodes being separated enough so that I can watch them each on its own, but with enough connection to build the characters. It has a little bit of everything – life, humor, action, crime, nice stories, pretty good acting; and the proportions work for me.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(image source: IMDB)

There are a few other TV series on roughly the same subject going on at roughly the same time, but nothing comes even close. They seem to either focus on supermodel cops, or deepest details of decomposed organic materials, or on vague logic connecting scenes together. None of these appeals to me after a long day at work.

Browsing through IMDB, I get the feeling that I’m not the only one enjoying the series. For better or worse, they’ve made through eight (8!) seasons and still going. Also the user rating seems rather high – 8.6 out of 10. Nice.