Bash prompts

Maintainer of the Bash Prompt HOWTO, it turns out, also keeps a small website with examlpes of different bash prompts. It provides screenshots together with code for some really wicked prompts. If you are into that kind of things, but all of ideas, than check the site out. Maybe you’ll find something for yourself. :)

Port forwarding with Putty

Putty, it seems, is the most popular Telnet/SSH client for MS Windows (although it does run UNIX too). It is small, free, stable, and flexible. It has all the functionality one will ever need (with a few exceptions, of course).

Secure Shell (SSH) provides for a number of interesting uses. One of them is port forwarding, also known as tunneling. It is used when there is a need to pass encrypted information between two hosts while the original protocol for information does not support encryption, or another encryption level is required for some reason.

Apparently, Putty can help poor Windows souls with port forwarding too. This step-by-step tutorial with a lot of pictures shows exactly how to do it. The example used is encrypted email traffic.

Learn UNIX shell

There is a very nice shell tutorial at LinuxCommand.Org.

Not only it covers all the stuff like conditions, loops, and functions, but it also provides a list of resources to continue your education on the matter. The language is simple and the examples are clear.

There is also a nice explanation on how to start writing scripts once you feel more or less comfortable with the command line itself. And, of course, you can find few ready made scripts in the script library over there.

Strongly recommended for shell beginners.