Vladimir’s Final Year Project

Final Year ProjectEvent of the year – Hazard is presenting his final year project. The topic is rather original: “Self-Learning Proxy ARP+IP Routing as a Technology for Bridging Through Wireless Networks”.

Presentation went very fast and smooth, but demonstration was a bit problematic. Due to some strange error nothing worked. About 15 minute troubleshooting session fixed everything and demo was shown to everyone interested. I’ve been taking lots of pictures during this troubleshooting and ended up with a lot of similar images. I’ll have something to play with in GIMP. :)

Russian restaurant for lunch to celebrate an ‘A’ for FYP, then back to work. :)

Photo session

I couldn’t sleep in the morning for some reason, so I went out for a 4 hour photo session. For those who think that it is my normal behavior, I should mention that it is not. Especially considering the fact that there was a heavy rain, cold wind, thunders and lightnings, etc.

Finally, I’ve got completely wet and cold, but couldn’t make any nice pictures. Actually, I’ve made lots of shots, but only few of them are worth a look. I’ll publish those some day in the Photo section of the site.


Today’s day at work had some action in it. Management decided that it’s time we test our responses to natural disasters and staff like fire alarms. So, at approximately 11:15 in the morning all fire alarms went off and people moved in slow, highly organized manner downstairs, using fire exits , out of the building, where they all met up in the field under the frying sun. :) It was speculated that everything went good. :)

In the evening we decided that missing Mars to Earth shortest distance in the last 60,000 years was a bad thing. So we gathered at Kanguin’s place to watch Mars with the telescope that he bought for children long time ago. Needless to say, that Mars was not the main theme during the evening. Tequilla and Kanguin’s cooking skills were. :) Anyway, next time Mars is coming in about 200 years, so I’ll reserve some space in my schedule around that time. :)