MS DFS (Distributed File System) investigations. Final verdict – easily can be migrated to Samba. Major question in the air was push installations working. We could actually do a push installation from Samba share. Next I had an excellent opportunity to appreciate Vim‘s diff mode ([vimdiff|vim -d] file1 file2 … fileN). Vertical split with excellent highlighting saved me a week of time and a bunch of nurves. The nice thing about highlighting is that not only rows are obvious, but also actuall changes in the line. Excellent!

MS Exchange, LDAP GUIs, and Linuxcare CDROMs

I’ve spent a fair deal of time today cleaning up our Exchange server. Few gigs in about hundred thousand messages RIP now and noone noticed anything. Needless to say that disk space wasn’t returned.

Came across nice GUI for LDAP administration called Directory administrator.

Played a bit with Linuxcare Bootable Toolbox. Very nice, but, unfortunately, does not support ext3 filesystem, which we use extensively. Red Hat rescue mode boot disk still rocks in my book.

Migrating development server

Today I did a test move of our development linux server to another machine. It took me less then two hours to do so, considering about 7 GBytes of data, and difference in hardware (Compaq machine and IBM machine). I have used tar, netcat and Red Hat Linux 7.2 disk. Everything seems to work find, except for Microsoft DNS server loosing track of the machine and generating some random junk. Tomorrow I will move few more servers.