hack {cyprus} *12

I’ve heard the hack {cyprus} *12 announcements for a few weeks now, but unfortunately was too busy with my own projects to attend.  If you missed all the noise, hack {cyprus} *12 is a hackathon-type event, where a bunch of people get together decide on a few ideas they want to implement and jump into coding.  They usually go at it non-stop for approximately 24-48 hours, after which they present the results.

These are quite common in all the countries where programmers live.  Now, we can proudly say that programmers live in Cyprus too.  The picture above is from a few minutes ago.  Just for the record, it’s Saturday night, after 1:00am!  That’s nothing but impressive.

The event seems to be quite well organized, with its own website, Facebook page, Twitter, and more.  (Have a look at their live stream page for latest updates.)  It is also being sponsored by quite a few companies, including Microsoft, Cyta, and Cyprus University of Technology.

As I said, unfortunately I was preoccupied with something else to book my attendance for this event.  However I am planning to go see the presentations tomorrow (care to join me?).  According to the schedule, some time around 5-5:30pm the teams will show off what they have managed to achieve in such a short time.

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