Weekly digest – 2012-04-29

  • One useful thing Microsoft did for web developers… CSS Gradient Background Maker http://t.co/RHqAA5j4 #
  • New note : Valve Employee Handbook http://t.co/6VIqPB8N #
  • I spent an hour at the meeting today, the content of which would fit into a single tweet. Even with names of all 10 participants. #
  • New note : Hughski – ColorHug – open source display colorimeter http://t.co/Co98ngd8 #
  • @acroitoriu There are indeed a lot of Forex companies in Cyprus. But it's not because of Cypriots. Some don't even accept ppl from Cyprus. #
  • In a mood for a pint. Called 5 people to join me this Friday evening and only one accepted. I guess I'm not as much fun as I think. :) #
  • I just ousted Marios A. as the mayor of Carrefour on @foursquare! http://t.co/bNaKdBGL #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/7CU65l1q What if Dexter had been a sitcom? #

13 thoughts on “Weekly digest – 2012-04-29”

  1. In a mood for a pint. Called 5 people to join me this Friday evening and only one accepted. I guess I’m not as much fun as I think. :)

    Maybe your friends’ healthy is not good enough for this kind of fun anymore :) At my age it is definitely an issue. I used to have a glass of red wine with my friends on Fridays, not anymore: migraine. Also, are you sure that on Cyprus Friday night is not a traditional family time?

        1. I heard from one WordPress user that you either get access to everything or to nothing, i.e. you can’t get the right to edit only your own comments. Wrong? Or does it make a difference when you are using your own server?

          1. I don’t know much about the setup of WordPress.com – I don’t use it at all. With a standalone installation of WordPress however, like the one used for this site, you have all the flexibility you need. It’s all up to the administrator what he allows and disallows.

                1. What an untrustworthy community you have here :) Or are you rather judging by the comments that you see in overly open places?
                  I think you rather like a person commenting in your blog and then let him take control of his comments, or you just ban the person and delete his comments. Why not trust the people that you wanna see here?

                  1. Most people who are commenting here, do so in English. At the same time, for most of the people, English is not the first language. So whenever people make errors or typos, other people understand what was meant – no need to edit.

                    In some sort, it’s similar to email. Once the message is sent – there is not way to edit it.

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