Amazon charges WiFi Kindle users for 3G roaming via books

As per this post over at Download Squad, it seems that Amazon is charging all international Kindle users, including WiFi-only Kindle owners for 3G roaming, using their book prices.

I decided to start with the classics – for example, Moby Dick. Yes, I know it’s available for free online, but this edition is typeset for the Kindle so I figured it must be worth the modest sum Amazon asks for it ($2.95, as you see in the screenshot above).

When I sent the link to my friend, who has an Amazon account with a Canadian billing address, we were amazed to discover that Amazon list the same exact item at $0.95 when she’s looking at it.


The rep said, “yes, I understand it is WiFi only, but there are roaming charges because AT&T is the service provider”. Upon which I proceeded to explain yet again that I do not have a 3G chip in my device, physically. This intelligent exchange went on for a few minutes, until I finally asked to speak to her manager.

Upon getting the team leader, he basically told me the same thing. I would be required to pay for a roaming charge, even though Amazon advertises its 3G as free and that my device is WiFi only.

I then emailed them to, and got the same exact reply.

Now that’s pretty silly on the Amazon part.  But being the smart guys as they are, I’m sure they will notice and fix the issue soon.  Let me know if you hear of any developments in this area.  (Yes, I am planning to get myself the Amazon Kindle)

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