Nature sounds

Via Michael’s blog post I discovered an excellent web service – free nature sounds.  Once you get there, you can select up to four different nature sounds and mix them into a single loop, varying volume and stereo balance.  It’s very easy to use and there is a good selection of sounds.  You can save the result as WAV file (which can later be converted to MP3), or you can save it as a link which can be shared.   For example, here is my mix, which I called “Fireplace“.  Just imagine: you are sitting in your own house, it’s dark and a bit chilly, thunder and rain outside, wood burning in the fireplace, giving you light and warmth, and your cat is on purring on your lap.  It sounds so good, the only thing I am missing is cat’s vibration which I am trying to replace with my mobile phone.

Try it out for you self, save results, and share links in the comments.

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