How old are you, son?

Olga and I are having a blast over this for a few weeks now.  Maxim seems to be going through an age comparison stage when at his kindergarten.  Kids tell each other how old they are, and all of them want to be of the same age as someone else.  Maxim has this friend Sasha, who is “five and three quarters”.   We haven’t covered quarters with Maxim yet (only halves), so he is exploring the math on his own.  That results in this joke that runs in our home for some time now:

– Maxim, how old are you?

– I am five and cree waters.

– How? How old?

– Five and cree waters!

– Five and what?

– Five and cree waters, I said!

Of course, we tell him that it’s “three quarters” not “cree waters”, and that he isn’t actually “three quarters” yet.  But as with everything you learn on your own rather than being taught, it takes more time to get used to the new knowledge.

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