Joined Tototheo Group of Companies

I’ve been working on a whole lot of side projects since I parted ways with my last employer – FxPro.  I was looking for a new job too, but I wasn’t in a hurry.  After all, a long vacation was one of the things that I needed for some time now.

Today I’m glad to let you all guys know that I found a new job.  I joined Tototheo Group of Companies.  I know the owner for a few years now and I’ve also worked with most of the guys in the IT team before.

Tototheo Group is in the shipping industry.   They provide a number of services, most interesting of which are around communications.  It is a very interesting time for technology in shipping – a switch from analogue communications to digital – and I am excited to join the party just in time for all the major fun.

3 thoughts on “Joined Tototheo Group of Companies”

  1. May I ask how you handled in your job application/job interview the blogging thing? I assume that since you don't blog anonymously (your face is an icon!) your new manager is aware of this.

    Oh, best wishes for your new job :)

  2. Thanks! :)

    My blog has nothing to do with my work. It is a personal project. There are usual ethics and non-disclosure agreements which apply to employees, no matter if they have a blog or not. And, yes, my new boss is aware of the fact that I have a blog.

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