The end of the road

After a rather lengthy discussion and several beers with my friends yesterday, I got convinced. This whole blogging thing is just a waste of time.  It will not make me any money.  I am not learning anything out of it.  And nobody cares about it.  The only good reason to do it is sharing of information, but I can share using a number of social networks and email, where all my friends are anyway.  After thinking carefully about how much time, effort, and money I am pouring into this site, I decided that enough is enough.

This is my last post and I won’t write any more.  I’ll keep my social networking profiles, email, and instant messaging.  I will keep this site online for a couple of more month, until the web hosting expires, and then it will go offline.  I suggest you do the same.

See you on the social web.  Good bye and thanks for all the fish.

Update (April 2nd, 2010) : This, of course, was my attempt at April’s Fool joke.

10 thoughts on “The end of the road”

  1. I hereby nominate this blog to win an award for the biggest attempted failure at an April Fool's day joke. Hell will freeze over before you stop blogging my friend.

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