Trailer : Office 2010

There are only three things that I can say about this trailer:

  1. It is hilarious.
  2. It probably did more to promote Microsoft Office 2010 than anything else. Combined.
  3. Well done!


If that was a real movie, I would by it on DVD.

4 thoughts on “Trailer : Office 2010”

  1. Ha ha visited that college humor link, and came across another one as well of Slumdog movie!

    Yeah True Lies has definitely been one of my favorite movies – watched it quite a few times whenever its come on TV again! Esp some scenes are just waaay tooooo coool ! In some ways it goes from artistic fantasy to irrationally dramatic, Bollywood style (like scene of saving his daughter ;) ), nevertheless as I’m used to Bollywood I survived ;)

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