On years of experience

Caught this excellent quote in gaping void post:

A lot of people in business say they have twenty years experience, when in fact all the really have is one year’s experience, repeated twenty times.

Well said, indeed. I’m working with computers for 15 years or so.  I’d say I have only about five years of experience with these damn things.

4 thoughts on “On years of experience”

  1. wow that line sure packs a punch… Ive been working for 10 years and I think my most solid complete years were in the beginning… started getting diluted after a few years but now am working on renewing it… :)

  2. hmm a bit of combination of both ! because Ive deviated so much from my roots over time that I need to do something different to go back to them! :) btw Im changing my job next month… will put up more details shortly.

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