Daily tweets

  • I got a SPAM message. And I’m clicking on a link from that message. I must be getting old or something… #
  • playing around with last.fm … #
  • last.fm web interface is confusing beyond control… I probably have to use some software to get around it. #
  • Amarok integrates nicely with Last.fm . Cool. No web interface for me. At least until I have some time to figure it out. #
  • Now this is something I was afraid of – Amarok brings you the lyrics of the current song. Can I ever stop watching it now? #
  • @alex_mamchenkov: and why would I want to do that? :) #
  • Actually, social network and automation make a lot of sense for music. People do it a lot and on the background. Have to think more about it #
  • Either I don’t have a lot of music on my laptop, or Amarok has a problem with random too (see my latest blog post). #
  • Music to my ears… I can’t do anything… I’m dancing inside, shaking head and smiling widely on the outside. Not a productive day :) #
  • I need more music… I need more space… I need… Aaa.. Roooots.. bloody roots… rooots.. blooody rooots.. :) #
  • A bug in Amarok – I was listening to JBO, then skipped to the next song – Sepultura+Pavaroti "roots bloody roots". On last.fm it’s by JBO.. #

How random is random at Flickr?

Random images from Flickr aren’t very random. I saw this before, and recently noticed it again, while using random images for my Facebook profile.

I have around 11,000 public images on Flickr. It seems that picking a few disconnected images out of this pile is an easy thing to do. Not always so. For my Facebook profile I decided to show 10 random pictures. More often then not, I have two images from the same set or from the same photo shooting. Sometimes, I have to pairs like this!

I mean, what are the chances of getting your hands into a huge pile of pictures and out of 10 draws, get two images which belong together, and then do it once again? Not much. But Flickr badge does it easily on this blog. And Flickr application does it as easy on Facebook. And the problem is common because both of these rely on Flickr randomness.

Here are a couple of Wikipedia pages for further reading: Random Number Generator, Random.