Life without Google

I read this blog post, which describes online life without Google. I then tried to imagine how it feel for me.

Awful. I am much more dependant on Google than the author of that post.

Here are things that I will miss with all my heart.

  • GMail. All my personal email is in there. I am currently using 1385 MB (48%) of my 2849 MB limit. I don’t even want to think about exporting and importing it all over again. It’s easier to start from scratch. Also, I am using GMail as my note taking application (I’ll post about it separately). It turned out to work better than anything else that I’ve tried.
  • Google Search. As a matter of fact I work with Yahoo and MSN search engines pretty often. But I wouldn’t want to have either one of them as my primary search engine. Now I’m using them only to compare results for some SEO stuff that I do. Google Search is really the king and emperor for me. And with Personalized Search History even more so.
  • Google Calendar. Again, I’ve tried a few alternatives, but they don’t work quite as good for me as Google Calendar does. GCal has the closest user interface to what I want. Plus SMS notifications and reminders that work with non-USA mobiles. Plus easy management of multiple calendars. Plus integration with GMail, albeit via Firefox extensions.
  • Google Analytics. I’m running a few web sites and I want to know everything and anything there is to know about my visitors. Google Analytics provides a number of reports and graphs that other applications don’t. Also, I’ve sold Google Analytics integration and support as part of the web solution package to more than one client. Not something I want to get rid off, for sure.
  • Google Reader. This is my life support system. Enough said.
  • Google Documents. I mainly use their word processor for my business needs. It’s nice to have it all online, and to be able to easily share documents with my co-workers and partners. All of them have at least one Google account, so nobody needs to register or even to login.
  • YouTube and Google Video. These two occupy the most of my entertainment time. I haven’t seen anything as good or even close yet (including rutube, porntube, and metacafe).

The rest of the services, like Google Alerts, Google AdSense, Google Adwords, Image Search, Google News, Groups, Notebook, etc will be missed too, although to a smaller degree.

So, obviously, for me, blocking Google is like Hell breaking loose. No, thanks.

3 thoughts on “Life without Google”

  1. Sergey,

    Oh, well. this is a part of my nature. If I get focused on something, I’m overfocused on it and overwhelmed with it. Topics change from time to time, but my enthusias levels seem to stay the same.

    You can easily find similar periods in this blog for Linux advocacy, Perl programming, Vim text editor, driving, parenting, bowling, Cyprus, photography, and practically any other subject that I was seriously interested in…

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