The business card surprise

I was very surprised to find out that a bunch of 500 business cards costs about 30 CYP (much less than a $100 USD). Of course, there are many variations – single side or double side, black and white or color, quality of paper, and so on and so forth. But overall, the price range is quite accessible.

If I knew business cards were that cheap, I would have ordered some for myself years ago. I have a long and foreign surname. I have an email address. The URL to my web site contains my long and foreign surname. I it’s painful to think that I am that silly. I could have get rid of all that pain for mere 30 CYP per 500 contacts. Oh, boy…

This makes me think of all the lost possibilites. I mean, this is just one example of the product so many more people would use if they knew about it. What about other example? How many are out there? How can we find out about them?

Web, and blogging in particular, comes to mind. Web provides the cheap and easy way to tell the world about your products, and without annoying anybody. But I am biased here – my background is in technology. It is really cheap and easy for me to start a web site.

What do you think everybody else should do?

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