Looking for a new WordPress theme

I’ve been looking for a new WordPress theme for this blog, but I can’t find anything that I like enough. Maybe I’m not ready yet, or maybe it’s just that time of year. So, I thought, I’d ask for help from you guys. Here are a few things that I’m looking for:

  • Wide. I want something wide. I like margins and all, but I have so much stuff that I want to fit in that space is essential. Main content area should be wide enough to accommodate 500 pixel images from Flickr. Sidebar should have enough space for my blogroll, recently read items, Flickr badge, Google AdSense, and so on and so forth.
  • Easy on the eyes. I’m writing lots of text, so it’s essential that text is easy to read. Black on white or something of equal contrast should work fine. Light backgrounds are preferred. Bonus points for large letters.
  • Formatting. I often use block quotes and code samples. I use plenty of links. I use lists a lot. I like both full size and thumbnailed images, which I can centralized or align to the left or to the right and float with text. New theme should support all of those.

Do you guys have any suggestions for the theme that fits the above? Please, let me know via comments.

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