Booby show on TV

There is this post at Blogging Baby about a TV show that covers a really sad story. There is this girl that wants to have bigger boobs and all

Tired of being poor with hardly any job options, she wants to get a boob job so she can land herself a gangster boyfriend, called a traqueto for the sound the machine gun makes, so she can be set for life. She goes into prostitution, but can’t find any clients due to her small bust size.

Just reading the above paragraph makes me smile, which kind of answers Blogging Baby’s question:

If we had a show like that here, would you watch it?

Yes. Indeed. Very much so. I’d probably even download it off the web. And even pay for it.

If you have your own take on the role boobs play in man’s life, feel free to share in the comments. Try to avoid the standard theories that involve mothers and breast milk. Thank you.

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