Top Ten Stock Photography Cliches

Have you seen any of these images? Have you seen anything very similar?

Do you think cliches are bad and unoriginal? Well, sometimes I wish that more people used cliche images from stock photography collections. Because, many times when they don’t, they decide to make photographs themselves. Really.

Need a quality image for your corporate website? Why hire a photographer or buy image collections? We can do it ourselves. Hold on a second, let me grab my mobile phone – it had a camera somewhere in there. Oh, here it is… Click, click, click. Man, I guess that’s too dark. Light a match or two – we need some light for the mobile phone to see our office building. Yeah, that’s better. Click, click, click. Here, Mr.Designer, take this. You can use this image. And if it won’t work, I’ll call a friend of mine. He has a proper camera. He bought it for a hundred dollars.

Nah… they better use cliche images from those CD-ROMs that are two centuries old and have been reused all over the web…

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