Nudge-A-Friend Day

I’m going to call today a Nudge-A-Friend Day. That is I am going to look around the blogs tha I care about and say which ones of those aren’t updated often enough, or haven’t been updated lately. Heck, I’ll just say something about all the blogs that I care about. Those are personal blogs. Those are blogs that are under ‘Persona’ category, linked to from my right sidebar. Those are people I know personally. And those are blogs I read with my first cup of coffee in the morning. Let’s see how they are all doing:

  • My brother is a sporadic blogger. He writes two or three posts a day and then goess silent for three weeks or a month. His last post is from a week ago. Will it be two more weeks before we hear from him again?
  • Alexey Yudichev has been silent for a week as well. (By the way, I’ve just updated your link, so your stats are somewhat gone.)
  • Andrey blogs. Not daily, but often enough. (By the way, I’ve just updated your link too.)
  • Constantinos blogs about once a week or so. Soon we’ll hear from him again. (Your link was updated too, though I liked the old one better.)
  • Dmitry is doing good for a newbie blogger. The change to was for a better. And I like his writing style. Keep it up, man!
  • Lana turned out to be an excellent writer. A pleasent surprise. Rarely she writes though. Pity.
  • Lev hasn’t blogged for nearly two month.
  • Maria, it turns out, blogs using LiveJournal, and not the blog I’ve linked to from here. (I just changed that.). She blogs often. With pictures. And emotions.
  • Michael blogs plenty. He also has a blog with LiveJournal. And he also maintains the Smart Home blog (and in Russian too). Well done, Mike. Keep it up!
  • Nataly is a very busy person. But she still finds time a couple of times a week to write short posts. (By the way, the link was old too. Updated.)
  • Sergey posts pretty often to his LiveJournal.
  • Vladimir writes rarely. Pity. Because whenever he does, it’s interesting and informative.
  • My mother is doing good. She is still learning this thing called blogging. And she is still trying to find her style and posting frequency. But she’s working on it. And she’s doing good. I’m proud of you mom. Keep going!

See, there are a lot of people I care about. I’ve even updated the link to your blog. That’s like a good reason for you to write that one extra post. You know, if you can’t think of something to write about, you can just say something like “Leonid just updated the link to this blog, and that’s why I am writing this.” It’ll get going from there. I promise. Just try it.

And after you done, remember, it’s a Nudge-A-Friend Day. Check your blogroll, and post a complain to your blog about all the people who stopped blogging. United together we can push the Earth blogosphere.

Happy blogging.

13 thoughts on “Nudge-A-Friend Day”

  1. Actually as I have just realised if you don’t put a “/” at the end after the word “weblog” you get redirected for some strange reason. Which is strange, I will contact the web host team to see if they know why this is happening.

  2. Constantinos,

    something is wrong with your URL re-writing. Either you have a really strange in your .htaccess file. Or there’s something leaking out of WordPress’ head (which is a rare case, but it happens). Check the site settings in WP options – blog URL, site URL, and all around it.

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