What’s your Ebay experience?

I’ve spent a lot of time during the last couple of days digging through Ebay. I’ve checked a bunch of items, read about buying things, read about selling things, learned about all sorts of ways of making money, etc.

In this regard, I wanted to ask you guys – what’s your experience with Ebay? Here is a list of questions that I am interested in – feel free to complete the list:

  • For how long have you been using Ebay?
  • Have you bought anything from Ebay? Sold anything? Or are you just checking the prices and product descriptions?
  • Do you use Ebay.com or an European version at Ebay.co.uk?

2 thoughts on “What’s your Ebay experience?”

  1. I’ve recenlty used eBay for the first time. Specifically the ebay.co.uk site. I bought myself a backup phone (Nokia 6310i) after having trashed my last one (Nokia 6100).

    Ever since I bought my SE K750i, I need a backup phone! If it isn’t the battery going flat its the OS crashing etc.

    I paid £95 sterling for it which includes £13 shipping to Cyprus. The phone is in “as-good-as-new” condition and I am happy with it – as I was with my older 6210.

    The 6310i has Bluetooth which I am happy to find works with my SE HBH-662 headset. Haven’t tested the caller id on it with this phone however.

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