One blog less

For the last couple of years I’ve been only posting about how my blogging grows and expands. I’ve been adding blogs to my collection like there is no tomorrow. Today, for a change, I’ll announce that I’ll maintain one blog less.

I decided to get rid of my Bloglines blog. It just isn’t worth it to have it separately. The post editor sucks, there are no comments, tags, and other features that I’ve got so accustomed to. About the only good thing was the “Blog this” link in Bloglines that I used to post.

Instead, I discovered something that existed in WordPress functionality for years. Something that I saw many times, but always ignored. It’s called a “Press It” bookmarklet. All I had to do was go the admin interface of my blog, choose Write Post screen, scroll down, and drag-n-drop one link to my bookmarks tab. From now on, when I read something that I want to blog about, I just (optionally) select some text I want to quote and press the blog button. I’ve tried it today and it works like a charm.

My bookmarklets

Now I have a total of four bookmarklets that allow me to do everything I need with the currently viewed webpage – bookmark it at at, subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds at Bloglines, email its URL via GMail, or post it to my blog. So far so good.

With less blogs that I have to maintain, you can expect more posts in the rest of my blogs. I’ll also gradually transfer the post from my to-be-closed Bloglines blog here.

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