Itinerary overview

Since I have loads to think about (still) and tonnes to say (already), I think that I’ll give a rough idea of what I went through in the last two weeks, and then I’ll post more about this and that as I finish writing or think of something. So, here goes the itinerary summary or an overview of our routes.

I have started my journey in the airport of Larnaca, Cyprus on Sunday, July 16. I flew to Domodedovo airport in Moscow, Russia, where my mother was waiting for me. We travelled for 40 minutes on a train to the rail station in the city, where we were picked up by my mother’s friend. She drove us around Moscow, we went for some coffee, and then drove some more. Later we had dinner together at my mother’s place. Mother’s friend left, and we went for a little evening walk around the block.

Next day we went to the center of Moscow. I bought tickets for the evening flight and we went for some sightseeing, photo exhibition, and Japanese food. In the evening I flew to Novokuznetsk, Russia.

After a brief stop in Kemerovo, I met with Olga and her sister Elena in Novokuznetsk, who drove me home to Mezhdurechensk, where Maxim and my mother-in-law were waiting for me. I spent one week there.

Early morning on Monday, July 24 Olga, Maxim and I were driven back to Novokuznetsk airport from where we flew back to Moscow. Again, my mother met us there. We spent half a day running around Moscow, getting air tickets, arranging visa paperwork for Olga and Maxim, and buying presents. The second half of the day we spent at Domodedovo airport waiting for the flight, talking, eating, and playing with Maxim.

We took a one hour twenty minute flight from Moscow to Samara airport and arrived at 00:05 local time on Tuesday, July 22. My father met us in the airport and drove us to his place in Togliatty. We stayed there until morning of Sunday, July 30. It was then that we drove back to Samara airport and flew to Larnaca, Cyprus.

Since our flight was delayed several times, Vladimir had to spend almost half a day in the airport waiting for us. But finally we all arrived and he drove us home.

Everyone loves statistics, right? Here are some for you:

  • Number of trip days: 14
  • Airports visited: 5
  • Hours in the air: approximately 20
  • Kilometers travelled: approximately 13,000 km
  • Widest timezone span: 5 hours
  • Airplane models used: 3 (Boing 757-200, TU-154, TU-134)

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