Kids and smiles

This post in Sanjay’s blog got me started.

I love kids. I love it when kids smile. Whenever I see a kid, I smile at him. And you know what’s fun – no matter how old is the kid, no matter if that’s a boy or a girl, no matter what time of a day it is, no matter in what mood the kid was, no matter if parents are around or not, not matter if the kids knows me personally or not – the reaction is ALWAYS the same. A smile.

Adults are different. You have to catch them either in the right mood or offguard. Adults’ reactions also depend on circumstances. They think to much. Most of them at least. Why did he smiled at me? Is it a smile or is he laughing at me? What’s so funny? Etc, etc, etc… It’s just not the same.

When I smile at a kid, and the kid smiles back, it’s like we’re the only two beings in the universe and nothing else matters. It’s one of the most pure experiences that I had. Every time.

Try it. Go out on a street, walk a bit, until you see a kid, wait for the kid to see your face, and then smile kindly. That’s it. No laughing, no talking, no gestures, no toys, no “Oh, you sweet little, you…”. Just a smile. And watch him smile back. Enjoy.

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  1. Just came here to check on a comment I’d left the other day (hard to get internet time nowadays) and I was wondering WOW what an amazing coincidence to see you writing about kids smiling as well! Then I got to see that you were referring to something on my site… :D that was real quick actually!

    (for some reason pingbacks have stopped working in my wordpress :( )

    And real cool post Leonid…

  2. Hey Sanjay,

    I’m glad you stopped by. ;)

    Regarding the trackback – I was too lazy to copy-paste the trackback URL. My WordPress was pretty good at guessing locations recently. I’ve added the trackback URL to this post now, but I don’t know if it will actually ping it. I’ll keep this in mind. ;)

  3. Hello Leonid,
    I am Sanjay’s friend. Came here thru a link he has provided for his latest post on Kids. Kids are really wonderful to be with. Whenever we take my son(he is 10 months old) out, people smile, for which my little fellow smiles back! In fact, he starts talking to them in his own language and makes some funny sounds!
    Liked your blog. Good luck!

  4. Hi Nid, it’s nice of you blogging about kids. I have a thing for kids too, i can’t suppress a true happy smile everytime i’m around kids. There play full nature and easy smile can make a weary heart leap back to life, with kids you can be yourself, just yourself. You don’t have to pose a face to impress them and deal with them. A child’s smile can boost confidence, they can make a gloomy life bright. If you are feeling low as if the whole world has shattered around you, pick up a kid and talk to them they will bring back the new perspective in you:)

    I say thumbs up to this post, take care always give my best to your family.

  5. You are absolutely right Leonid. In this era of violence and corruption, i think you really have to think twice before conversing to any stanger, how the other may react is just unpredictable. The only pleasure of life lies in kids. You may laugh, scold or do what so ever to him, the kid gonna pass you a sweet smile, and the world truly stops there. They are so innocent like a lamb. I ve tried your advice and the life turned a real fun there at the moment.

  6. Why not to make one step further?

    I was walking on the street and spotted a couple of lovely girls, but is was somebody else who made me smiling instantly – a pup! So lovely, so sweet, so unbeleivably cute… Of course I couldn’t resist to cuddle him for a while. Stroking this fluffy creature, looking at his smart brown eyes made me feeling so happy without a reason – just happy, as simple as that.

    The girls told me his name – Nash (that’s it!)…

    The point is – I think that we, adults, should learn to treasure every single moment when something pure and innocent – like a kid, a puppy or a kitten – makes us smiling and happy and even innocent as well!

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