On Google stuff. Again.

Although obvious to some, only today I realized that I can use both GMail and Google Calendar via HTTPS (Secure HTTP). And I don’t even have to do anything – just change the URLs from http:// to https:// and it all works like magic. It makes me feel safer, considering the fact that I mostly work from my notebook via unencrypted WiFi.

I still love Google Reader. Although different, and with a learning curve of its own, it works for me. One feature I miss though is the overview. In Bloglines I could take a quick look at the number of new messages for each folder or feed and have an overall picture of where my attention is needed the most. Not so with Google Reader. I can access each feed separately, or feeds under a certain tag, but I don’t have any idea about how many new items I have where. Hopefully they’ll implement something soon.

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