It’s been a while since I visited Limassol’s immigration offices. All my needs until recently were covered by my employer. And from until recently, I myself am a Cypriot, so I don’t have anything to do with the immigration offices.

This time though I had to visit to arrange some paperwork for Maxim and Olga. I didn’t use my company services because Olga and Maxim cases were connected to my citizenship which was handled by someone else. (If that sounded complicated, don’t worry because it is really complicated).

I have to say that nothing has changed in the immigration offices during all those years that I haven’t been there. The attitude is still the same – terrible. The efficiency is still the same – terrible. And there is only one way to avoid pain and confusion – pay some money to one of those old dudes who are connected. They know their ways, and, though they are hard to talk to (years of government work damages their brains) and they can’t guarantee anything, your chances for success will be much higher than on your own.

Olga’s and Maxim’s papers were submitted in less than an hour. Hopefully their pink or yellow (or whatever color) slips will be ready before I leave for Russia.

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