Visit to Cyprus State Fair

Yesterday Vladimir, his mother, and I went to Nicosia to visit Cyprus State Fair 2006.

The exhibition grows from year to year, and it looked like this time was no exception. More companies participated from more countries, with more products and services. We walked around for about 3 hours and saw only 9 big halls and about 5 small ones. Overall, there were more than 30.

Comparing with prevous years, I also thought that there were more people visiting, and more flyers given away. The giveaways though were simplier. Usually, there were things like hats, badges, bags, key rings, pens, etc. This time I saw flyers and finger food mostly.

The company that I work for – PrimeTel – has announced PrimeHome triple play service. That is a single package for ADSL grade connection, VoIP telephony, and television. This generated quite a lot of interest at the PrimeTel booth, where one can try it out and even subscribe to the service.

Anyway, the exhibition will be going on until 4th of June, which gives you a whole week to check it out. The opening hours are links to more information are availabe from my Cyprus Scout entry.

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