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It’s one of those times when our office looks and sounds like a bucket of bees. We are getting ready for a large exhibition with some new product announcements. People are getting re-organized and re-located. I’ve been sitting in the middle of ThunderFast team, which is now moving out to a different corner. Network admins from the darkest and loneliest part of the office are moving in. The darkest and loneliest part will be used for a new development on our floor. I am not yet sure myself what is going to be in there. But it’s going to be a lot of fun anyway.

With all these buzz around me, I somehow managed to have a surprisingly productive day. I’ve wrote some code for our Intranet, taught an old dog one of my managers a few new things, digitized all urgent material, closed and resolved a few issues in our request tracker, and solved a long lasting hardware problem with our backup equipment.

It all feels either like yet another Spring, or like a time of some exciting changes right around the corner. The time will tell…

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  1. hello maxim,i found your blog a couple of months ago by accident,and i really liked it because i lived in limassol until 5 months ago..what i really enjoy is looking at the fotos,and since you live near where i used to live,i get all emotional when i see pictures of the places that used to be my neighbourhood..i would really really appreciate it if you could post more photos of that area,and the starbucks coffee,where i used to go almost every day..thats all
    thank you..

  2. Hi,

    Firstly, my name is Leonid, not Maxim. You confused me wih my son. But that’s OK. :)

    Secondly, you can see more pictures of Limassol here. That list of images is constantly updated.

    Thirdly, yeah, sure, I’ll try to post more pictures of Limassol. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

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