The ultimate solution for problem solving

I believe I have figured it out completely now. Every problem in the Universe has a solution. And not only that, but you can find the solution yourself. If you searched enough, but never figured it out, then here is a little tip for you.

Get youself an IRC client. Start the program and go the settings, where you can specify servers and channels to connect to. In the servers list you should have This is the one where all the smart people hang out (those who hang out on IRC at all). Got it? Good.

Now you need to /join two channels – #perl and #math. That’s it. Seriously.

Don’t believe me? Try it out. These people are both willing and smart enough to help you with any problem of yours – technical or not. And every problem out there can be figured with enough math knowledge and processing power. #math people have the knowledge. #perl people will help you gain the processing power. And the ultimate thing is that while they speak two different languages, they can switch to a dialect that is understood in both of these groups.

Let the problem solving begin.

P.S.: Until today I thought that #perl only is enough on it own. I was wrong and I do appologise for any misleadings.

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